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Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
. they were pardon after bill clinton cured their release. >>> -- secured their release. >> sources say an announcement could come this week, the terms of the deal aren't know but it is expected to be a stock for stock transition. office depot has 16,000 stores and office max has 900 stores. >>> referred to as the gold standard of nutrition but as ktvu's maureen naylor shows us a warning that breast milk is not always best and our investigation into what experts call dangerous. >> reporter: her mother breast feeds her. >> every ounce counts. >> reporter: experts worry how they are getting it, buying it online from strangers. we went online and found women selling breast milk on craigslist. some providing photos. one woman advertised she had 2,000-ounces of breast milk. that is about 15 gallons of milk. >> here is the final product. >> reporter: she calls the practice casual sharing. >> we know casual sharing is proliferating. >> reporter: it is legal to buy and sell breast milk. one mother sited the requirements. according to her, it is risky. >> we find some moms came out positive for
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
kerry takes over for hillary clinton and he said i have big heels to feel. >>> the government plans to file charges over the mortgage crisis. it involved s&p's ratings. the government said they over rated the debt and helped fuel the financial crisis. they say they didn't do anything wrong. >>> on wall street today stocks had their worst day of the year. the dow is down 129 to 13,880. the nasdaq is down 47 at 3,131. the s&p is down 17 at 1,495. >>> national leaders of the boy scouts are expected to consider dropping their ban on gay members this week. meanwhile they delivered petitions asking the boy scouts to do away with the a ban. last week leaders indicated they might allow each group to decide for itself whether or not to admit gays. >>> first day back to school after the death of a classmate, how kids are coping and what police have to say about the investigation. >> a crash killed one person, what police are telling us about a drive of one of the cars. >> and the third driest january on record, will we continue dry this week? i will have the details, there are some changes he
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
in america? it's not the president. a poll shows hillary rodham clinton tops the list. her favorability is 61, the president's is 51%. >>> the 18-year-old woman who was sited for contempt of court in miami after she flipped off the judge had a very different tone today. >> my behavior was very irrational. and i apologize not only to the court and you but to my family. >> on monday the judge george rodriguez sentenced soto to 30 years in jail. after this morning's apology which you just heard the judge vacated the contempt charge. her attorney asked that she be sent to drug treatments after having been found with 31 bars of the drug zanax. >>> sergeant robert w. richards is charged with dereliction of duty. sergeant clemons is accused of conduct unbecoming an officer. two other marines have pleaded guilty in this case and have been sentenced to reductions in rank. >>> now they know the concussions are for real and permanent. >> we've heard a lot recently about football and player safety. in tonight's special report. a new test that can determine whether a child should be playing the game. >> a
Feb 26, 2013 5:00pm PST
carmen chu today. >> secretary of state following hillary clinton, i have big heels to fill. >> the mayor appointed carmen chu's long time legislative aid to tang over as the new supervisor for district 4. mayor lee said he made the decision after talking to people in the outer sun set district and other candidates. >> came to the conclusion that we have one of the finest, smartest legislative aids, someone who knows city hall, knows the workings of the board. >> mayor lee is giving her a new role as the city's assessor recorder. she will be sworn in tomorrow. >>> the results of an exclusive ktvu poll on california's support for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. back in 1969 just 13% of voters supported marijuana legalization. ahead at 6:00 we'll look into how voters felt about medical marijuana dispensaries in their community. >>> beer drinkers all across the country are suing busch for what they claim is watered down beer. a lawyer for the class action suit says the information comes from employees who say the alcohol content was reduced 3 to 8%. busch makes budweiser,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4